Classified Imagination is a portal into a world inhabited by our deepest and darkest secrets - of fantasies we would love to live and thoughts we wouldn't want anyone to know were ours. A place of endless searching for a door into a dream that we can never dream again. Join me on a walk beyond the Hollywood Sign where make believe is the reality, everyone plays a part and the sun never sets. We'll walk through glorious estates and seedy motels, faded backlots and quiet places where the Gods and Goddesses of Hollywood repose. When Alice feel through the rabbit hole she landed in Wonderland. Had she fallen a bit further she would have landed in Hollywoodland and the home of Classified Imagination. Follow me as I walk through the studios of this fabled land, where I still hear the footsteps of those long gone. The faded silhouettes of empty sets evaporate with my every step. Long, dark shadows dance where the laughter and song of unknown masses once filled these magical streets. Their spirts will linger here for eternity.