Upon arriving in Hollywood I was immediately taken by the pace in which the city lived. It was constant morning to night casting calls. Everyone seemed to want to get to the next moment and ignore what they had just been through.The glitter of Hollywood is not gold. Just the Oscar perhaps. Here it's all about image and talent to burn and 'you have to play a role in order to land a role'. So many took that step and fell. This is why I wrote this story. I lived it for several months. A decade ago a friend called and invited me out. Little did I know that the reason for her call was that she was in a bad place and no one to lean on. Soon after arriving I accompanied her to several parties she was expected to attend. This was my first glimpse at the other side, the hidden side of the industry.Coercian and intimidation were the rule fueled by alcohol and drugs. Lucky for me I was strong enough to resist the lure of it all. We were bait and boy did they have a BIG HOOK. FAME! baby...FAME! I was determined to write this story, 'The Fame Shame Game', and once I did, I was shunned, especially by women that dare not reveal the truth. Denial. It's the same today, as it was 10 years ago, but the pendulum is swinging in this new era of #MeToo. Does it mean anything? Will it change anything? You tell me. Enjoy....   Best always, Eiko